Metro Milano – Line4

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EAE ITALIA has started supplying cable trays and related accessories for the new line of the Milan underground (Line M4), consolidating its presence in the railway / railway sector, also on the Italian market. For cableways, the project has a total value of nearly € 2 millions.

The M4 or “Blue Line” will connect the historical center with the eastern part ( Forlanini and Linate Airport) and with the western part ( Lorenteggio and San Cristoforo Station), it will cross the M1 line in the San Babila station and the M2 line in Sant’Ambrogio station, offering a new quick, efficient, comfortable and non-polluting solution. Its realization will allow to reduce the traffic to the advantage of public transport, with considerable benefits for those who live and work in Milan, and the environment. The opening of the entire section is scheduled for 2022.

The M4 Line is a “light rail with integral automatism”: a technological system that preserves the characteristics of the classic underground, but with higher technical standards and less expensive. The innovative automatic driving system (driverless) adopts a technology for intelligent traffic control that guarantees passengers the highest safety standards.

The carriage doors open only at the train station stop, eliminating the risk of falls or injuries. The ascent and descent quay is completely separated from the tracks and moving cars, ensuring the safety of people.