Conference: Power Monitoring and Energy Management in DataCenters // 20February2018

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Monitoring energy-related information into a DC is of primary importance as it allows, among other functions, to optimize energy consumption in subsequent phases.
Energy efficiency, indeed, provides huge economic advantages in medium and long terms reducing costs and bringing added value to the whole system.
We can provide innovative monitoring solutions, based on the use of busbars and related tap-off boxes specifically designed to integrate energy measurement devices, analyzers and displays, connectable with the general DC management system.

We will go deeply into this topic during DataCenterExperience conference by Soiel International, on the 20th of February, showing our cutting-edge technological solution and its effect on energy saving.

Our speaker will be Mr.Federico Di Carlo, General Manager of ANFEA, National Association of Physics and Application.

Learn more about our solution: Power Monitoring and Energy Management

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